We are one of the biggest Importer & Exporter of all grades of Coal , Gold, Crude Palm Oil, Iron Ore, Pallets.

Import Services

VRC works alongside a variety of coal mines which are located all over Indonesia, however with a main focus on South and East Kalimantan and with a wide range of quality features, ranging from GAR 3.200 to GAR 4.200.

We also trade commodities like Gold to many big corporates in the same field.Indonesia is the ninth largest gold producing country, accounting for 4% of global gold production, despite having the world’s largest gold mine.

Indonesia is the world's biggest producer of palm oil.We have a huge network of importers and traders to procure Crude Palm Oil of all grades.

Export Services

Exports of iron ore up to 64% Fe content is freely allowed.The export of iron ore with Fe content above 64% is canalized through MMTC.

Our product range includes all types Pallets.Our products are durable and quality composed. Our professionals make sure that the prices are feasible so that the consumers can afford it easily.